Podcast 109 – Hazelwood House Trialogue (Part 3)


Guest speakers: Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake


(Minutes : Seconds into program)

10:50 Terence McKenna: “I see the cosmos as a distillery for novelty, and the transcendental object is the novelty of novelty. . . . a tiny thing which has everything enfolded within it. And that means you’re in another dimension, where all points in this universe have been collapsed into co-tangency.”

16:56 Terence McKenna: “Biology has a complete four dimensional, five dimensional map of the planet’s history.”Ralph Abraham: “What the hell, the comet’s on its way. Let’s get it on.” Terence McKenna: “The planet says, the comet’s on the way. Lets get these monkeys moving towards the production of sufficient complexity that when this impact event occurs it will have a transcendental rather than simply an …” Ralph Abraham: “Have an opportunity to escape into another dimension.” Terence McKenna: “Yes.”

21:02 Terence McKenna: “If you pursue these psychedelic, shamanic plants there is inevitably this conclusion scenario, or this apocalyptic intuition. And I think that shamans have always seen the end. That the human enterprise in three dimensional space has always been finite.”

22:47 Terence McKenna: [discussing knowledge of life after death] “But in fact, I think this is probably the paradigm-shattering, world-condensing event that is bearing down on us.”

25:04 Terence McKenna: “That’s what life is. It’s a chemical strategy for the conquest of dimensionality.”

28:52 Terence McKenna: “So even within the toolbox of ordinary quantum astrophysics there are ways of tinker-toying the syntactical bits together to produce incredibly optimistic transcendental and psychedelic scenarios.”

37:22 Terence describes his “simple way” of thinking about what may happen on December 21, 2012.

39:30 Terence McKenna: “But I’m telling you, Ralph, there’s something out there. There’s something out there, and I’ll know it when I see it.”

40:06 Terence McKenna: “Believe it or not, I hate unanchored speculation. And yet I find myself in the position of leading the charge in the greatest unanchored speculation in the history of crackpot thinking.”

43:33 Terence McKenna: “I think people should drive out and take a look at the Eschaton at the end of the road of history. And what that means is psychedelic self-experimentation. I don’t know of any other way to do it. But if you drive out to the end of the road and take a look at the Eschaton and kick the tires and so forth, then you will be able to come back here and take your place in this society and be a source of moral support and exemplary behavior for other people.”

53:56 Terence McKenna: “No one is directing or controlling the creative energies of this species. It’s being driven by thousands of micro-units called companies, all pursuing agendas they won’t discuss with anybody who hasn’t signed a non-disclosure agreement. So god knows what they’re doing out there, and they’re fiddling with life, and minds, and intelligence, and micro-dimensions, and you name it.”

54:57 Terence McKenna: “It’s the future we’re living in, Hollywood creates it, and we have to swallow it until something better comes along, or until we get sick enough about that system to do something about it.”

55:43 Terence McKenna: “I think here in the final moments in human history we should push the art peddle to the floor and attempt to pour as much beauty into the human design process as we possibly can.”


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