Podcast 098 – “Psychedelic Research in the 1960s” (Part 2)


Guest speaker: Gary Fisher


(Minutes : Seconds into program)
04:20 Gary tells about his encounter with an extraterrestrial.

07:11 Stories of another encounter with otherworldly entities, this time in the desert.

09:40 The story about a man who always longed for a UFO experience.

11:36 Gary tells why he thinks extraterrestrials are visiting the Earth.

14:33 Gary tells the story of when Timothy Leary was driving him to their compound in Mexico, and Gary suddenly had an intuition that reflected back to both a psilocybin experience and a past life experience.

17:07 Gary Fisher: “In the esoteric world those are called ’sleeping karmas’, and you’ll run into a person who’s happy all the time, everything goes well for them. They don’t have any hysterics in their life, and they’re having sleeping karma. They just come in to relax.”

18:15 Gary tells the story of his Caribbean adventure with Tim Leary and company.

26:55 Beginning of a discussion about Alan Watts and the time he went to Mexico for a psychedelic mushroom session with Maria Sabina and ended up getting married to Mary Jane on the spur of the moment.

29:46 Gary Fisher: “At one dinner this very proper lady said, ‘Well Doctor Watts, what do you hope to gain from your next experience with LSD?’, and Alan said, ‘Another book!’ “

35:29 We begin a brief discussion of Tim Leary. . . . Gary Fisher: “Well, he was a drunken Irishman with a silver tongue. . . . He wanted to be rich, and he wanted to be famous. Those were his two goals in life.”

44:26 Gary discusses several issues relating to the age at which it may be appropriate to begin using psychedelics.


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  1. Lorenzo!

    Thank you for a very important interview with one of the elders, that have done pioneering and beautiful work in the field. But I cant believe you did not ask more questions about his extremely close encounter with an extra terrestrial!? Specially since it seemed that he is a man who you don’t think is fouling around or spacing out. Did you ever talk more about this at some other point? If so, do tell about it in a future podcast.

    Be well 🙂

    [Yes, Gary and I spoke at length about it on several occasions. However, he didn’t want our conversations to be recorded. All that I am free to say is that even though I am a skeptic, Gary’s stories have forced me to keep my mind open. Interestingly, another of my friends also had a similar and strange encounter in somewhat the same part of the country. There are obviously still many questions that defy our standard stories about life.]

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