Podcast 095 – “Energy Drinks . . . and other stuff”


Guest speaker: Jon Hanna


Jon Hanna

Jon Hanna enjoying an energy dring while visiting the Shulgins.
Photo credit: Marc Franklin (Lordnose) (c) 2007

(Minutes : Seconds into program)
06:19 Jon tells about starting the publication of The Psychedelic Resource List.

08:32 Lorenzo and Jon discuss articles in the current issue of Entheogen Review, including “DMT for the Masses” and “Security Issues in the Underground”.

13:14 Jon talks about the problem of mis-labeling of botanicals that are sold on the Internet.

18:29 The discussion turns to security issues in the psychedelic community.

23:33 Halperngate and John Halpern as a DEA snitch discussed at Burning

28:08 Jon Hanna: “Kind of the Golden Rule in our community is ‘Thou shallt not snitch.’ That’s the glue, the trust, that holds us all together as a community.”

31:54 Jon talks about his current research into energy drinks.

46:11 The horrors of a $6.57 a day energy drink habit?!?

50:06 Jon reads the warning label on an energy drink can

1:04:46 Jon raves about the apocalyptic visionary painter,Joe Coleman.


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Mind States Conferences (click)

Psychedelic Resource List

Resource List

by Jon Hanna

Essays Discussed in this Podcast

“Halperngate” “Halperngate II”

“The Bad Shaman Meets the Wayward Doc”


“Bogus Kratom Market Exposed”

Psychedelic Shamanism

Psychedelic Shamanism

by Jim DeKorne

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  1. I can’t remember what I said in that podcast, but Rick’s 2004 Burning Man talk is in podcast #005.

  2. It’d be interesting to see the Rick Doblin Burning Man talk and question activity. Any chance of this being put up as you mentioned during the podcast?

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