Podcast 089 – “Ayahuasca: Diet, Rituals, and Powers”


Guest speaker: Matt Pallamary


(Minutes : Seconds into program)

Matt Pallamary - author of "Land Without Evil"04:48 Matt: “Ayahuasca doesn’t hide anything. . . . It can amplify perceptions, but it can also amplify fears or shadow aspects of yourself, the dark you’ve been avoiding. Ayahuasca has an intelligence to it that seeks out your fear and exploits it, and it’s a wonderful teaching tool.”

08:39 Matt explains how the ayahuasca brew is made.

10:19 The legend of how ayahuasca was first discovered.

15:44 Preparation for an ayahuasca experience, beginning with the diet and what prescription medicines to avoid before the journey.

17:56 Details about the ayahuasca diet.

26:03 Lorenzo: “While this is true of all psychoactive substances, medicine like ayahuasca is sort of like nitroglycerine. You have to handle it with care.”

27:16 Matt: “What it comes down to, ultimately, is that you have to respect it, and you have to respect its innate intelligence. That’s why, generally speaking, the closer you stick to the diet the better experience you have.”

29:51 Tips for planning a trip to the Amazon for an ayahuasca experience.

32:19 Matt: “There’s a lot of responsibility that goes with this, because it’s a very powerful plant. And one of the things that I learned is that power, power in and of itself, is neutral, but the intention you put behind the power is what makes things happen.”

33:58 Matt: “It has to come down, ultimately, to integrity. Integrity is the core of everything.”

34:41 A discussion of chemical analogues to ayahuasca.

38:49 Matt: “It’s made to be done in a circle, and in a circle you join the energy collectively as a group. So if one particular person in the group is getting healed, everyone in the group is helping to heal that person.”

39:58 Matt: “I heard it said once that ayahuasca is the river, and the icaros and songs and things are the boats that carry you on the journey.”


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Books mentioned in this podcast

"Psychedelic Shamnanism" by Jim DeKorne Psychedelic Shamanism:
The Cultivation, Preparation
& Shamanic Use of Psychoactive Plants

by Jim DeKorne

Land ithout Evil by Matthew J. Pallamary

Land Without Evil by Matt Pallamary

Matt Pallamary’s Web Site

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  1. In my second ceremony i had a visit from Ganesha as well thats so fun to hear other people had that experience too.!!

  2. Found this very interesting I recently changed my diet and have been noticing incredible improvements in all aspects of life…
    specifically my connection with nature and well life. Life has become an endogenous psychedelic experience ..I mean im not tripping balls or anything but a more profound daily experience.

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