Podcast 083 – “Lone Pine Stories” (Part 1)


Guest speakers: Jean and Myron Stolaroff


Myron Stolaroff

(Minutes : Seconds into program)
04:53Jean Stolaroff:Tells the story of how she first became involved with psychedelic medicines.

07:50 Myron Stolaroff: Tells how Death Valley came to be a favorite location for taking acid trips.

09:20 Myron tells some stories about Al Hubbard and Death Valley.

10:24 Myron tells of an acit trip in Death Valley that he had with Willis Harman and Al Hubbard.

15:56 Jean: “I knew I’d get a lot of fringe benefits from marrying Myron.”

17:10 Jean and Myron discuss 2C-E, “One of the very best.”

18:31 Jean and Myron discuss compounds they have no desire to ever try again.

21:33 Myron talking about 2C-B and how some substances react in unexpected ways with people.

25:14 Myron describes his first LSD experience, which took place in Canada on April 12, 1956.

35:18 Myron talks about Gerald Heard’s influence on his decision to try LSD.

37:30 Myron describes his first carbogen experience.

39:53 Myron describes the preparation that was required of participants in the Menlo Park work.

47:11 Myrondescribes how he first became involved in meditation practices.Lorenzo with Jean & Myron Stolaroff

54:42 Myron: “You know, if you’re going to work with these materials, meditation is a marvelous supporter because as you use the materials you open your consciousness more, and that opens your meditation more. So then your meditation becomes more effective and more fulfilling. So it’s a growing process.”

59:58 Myron: “And the only way that you can keep developing and learning more, and getting into higher levels of consciousness, is by really exerting yourself and learning to use everything that shows up when you do have these experiences.”


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  1. Sorry Lorenzo got cut off. With your vast experience have you had any negative effect on your nerevous system? Deepak said it was very bad on this part of the body. I have taken it several times but was just wondering?
    Thanks for your response……luv your site what a great host you make one of few who tread this path with great respect and humour.

    Cheers Pete Sydney

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I’m now 70 years old and as far as I can tell my use of psychedelics has not had any negative impact on my body. However, I never tried to push the envelope past normal limits and as I grew older I only worked with natural, plant-based, entheogens as opposed to the chemicals (often of unknown origin and purity).]

  2. Hi Lorenzo,

    Just discovered your site! wow what a wonderful wealth of wisdom and knowledge. Really am impressed with your spirt…you have such a resonance of love empathy and kindness, very special and very rare these days

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