Podcast 082 – Mini Trialogue (Santa Cruz)


Guest speakers: Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake


(Minutes : Seconds into program)
03:08 Terence McKenna: “Another way of thinking of it (the Knot of Eternity) is it’s the nexus of connectivity. It’s a place where everything is cotangent, as the mathematicians say. Everything is connected, and I think that’s the place we are growing toward.”

07:30 Ralph Abraham: “If a present moment is between a past that’s familiar and a future which is completely different, then that’s a very special moment.”

10:18 Rupert Sheldrake: Begins a brief explanation of his theory of morphic resonance.

16:08 Terence: “The great successful conspiracies, the Catholic church, capitalism, the Communist Party of China, Zionism, these things don’t call themselves conspiracies. They call themselves historical social movements.”

17:07 Terence: “The task of discerning shit from Shinola looms very large at the end of history.”

20:52 Ralph: Tells about the experience he and Rupert had in a crop circle.

23:53 Rupert: Tells about being arrested while inspecting a crop circle.

27:33 Terence“I think we’re going to have to come to terms with as the world moves toward this concrescence of novelty is that it gives off spurious reflections of itself.”

28:54 Terence: “The truth will be beautiful, and it will be simple. And it will be persuasive to those who doubt it. So don’t get into some closed loop of viviology. Make the truth seduce you. Don’t be thereby seduced by error.”

31:10 Rupert: Talks about ley lines.

33:49 Terence gives an update on his current thinking about the Timewave (Novelty Theory).

34:17 Terence: “We have created social institutions such as consumer capitalism that are so unfriendly to our innate humaness that they are actually redesigning us, these social systems, to be more brutal, less caring, more acquisitive, more fetishistic, than we naturally would be. And, again, the antidote to this is an awareness of your immediate environment and the tricks that are being run on you and the ways in which we are being manipulated. Man is not bad. Humanity is not flawed. What is flawed are ideologies and social systems that distort humaness for purposes usually of commerce or conquest. . . . Culture is an intelligence test.”

42:47 Rupert: “I think that the suppression of ritual forms of violence can lead to an outbreak of sacrificial killings by crazed maniacs.”

43:20 Terence: “Well, it’s not a good idea to fear anything. Technology is prostheses. Technology is tools. We’ve always been defined by our tools. There is nothing about us that would be human if it weren’t for our tools. Language is a tool. The cutting edge is a tool. Social organization is a tool. . . . Shamanism is simply a technology.”


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  1. Just wanted to let you know that there are only about 14 minutes of audio in this podcast. I’m curious to hear the rest of it. Thanks for putting these online!

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Thanks for finding that. I’m uploading the complete version right now, and I also discovered just now that the same problem existed for #90, which I’m also repairing. . . . Sorry for the inconvenience.]

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