Podcast 081 – Salvia divinorum (Siebert Interview)


Guest speaker: Daniel Siebert


Sage Wisdom Website

05:44 Daniel tells the story about finding a Salvia plant at a Terence McKenna lecture.

12:06 He describes the traditional Mazatec way of taking Salvia divinorum.

24:39 Daniel talks about the various categories of experiences that are possible through the use of Salvia Divinorum.

25:25 “One of the more common types of experiences people have is often people have visions of places that are reminiscent of early childhood, places like school playgrounds or the back yard of their parents’ house where they lived when they were six or seven years old.”

28:49 Daniel talks about his isolation of the active ingredient in Salvia Divinorum.

31:51 “In general, when taken in the traditional fashion of chewing the leaves, the effects are gentle, the onset is gradual, the experience is enriching and it can be utilized in a very controlled, directed, conscientious manner.”

43:18 Daniel talks about the varying amounts of time a Salvia experience can last depending upon dosage and method of use.

50:40 A discussion about the current legal status of Salvia.

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Daniel Siebert’s Web site www.SageWisdom.org

“Salvia divinorum and Salvinorin A: new pharmacologic findings” (PDF file) by Daniel J. Siebert

Legal Status Of Salvia divinorum

The Sage Wisdom Salvia Shop

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  1. BLAH, okay so I got a “Salvia” plant… umm humm… you are suppose to eat even numbers of the leaves (I think it was 24 or so)…. OMG! I ate one and it was NASTY. Bitter nasty *gag… I have no idea how anyone could eat a bunch of that nasty vile weed! OH YEAH and nothing happened, I don’t know if eating a bunch of leave REALLY would be worth whatever you’d get compared to how nasty it taste. Why would anyone go for this weed over the nice “herb”…. I don’t suggest it kids.

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