Podcast 080 – Adventures of an Urban Shaman


Guest speaker: Matt Pallamary


Matt Pallamary

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12:18 Matt provides some background information about his wild youth.

20:37 Some thoughts about what at what age it is best to begin deeply exploring one’s consciousness through the use of sacred medicines.

21:31 “This is one of the key tenants of shamanism, all you can ultimately go on is your own experience.”

23:40 “I want to stress that there are a lot of substances that are not good. Crystal meth, bad. Obviously, heroin, bad. Crack cocaine, bad.”

30:30 The discussion turns to shamanism.

32:33 “The medicines teach you to learn how to connect with your heart, and to follow your heart instead of your head, because your heart is actually a superior ‘brain’.”

34:23 Matt talks about the course of shamanism study he has been pursuing.

37:44 “The absolute best thing you can do for yourself, and for everybody, for the universe, for the cosmos, for the race, for humanity, truly the absolute best thing you can do for everybody, is to work on yourself and heal yourself. Because when you heal yourself you heal part of the collective, and you begin to realize that everybody around you is a mirror. Because we are all one”

39:28 Matt explains the difference between shamanism and organized religion. . . . “Shamanism, on the other hand, is based on experiential knowledge. Period.”

43:31 “Ayahuasca has a way of finding your deepest fears and bringing them out. So when you do it within a sacred circle that’s protected with a good intention, then those parts of you that you’ve been terrified of will come out, and you can deal with them more on your own terms.”


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Matt Palamary’s Web site (mattpallamary.com)

Books mentioned in this podcast:

Land Without Evil by Matt Pallamary
Land Without Evil


Food of the Gods by Terence McKenna

Food of the Gods

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