Podcast 078 – The Apocalypse (Part 2)


Guest speakers: Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake


(Minutes : Seconds into program)
07:58 Terence McKenna:
“People should be allowed to let the apocalypse happen, not make it happen.”

09:35 Rupert Sheldrake:
“I would say that the Big Bang cosmology, which is an apolocyptic vision of history, with an explosive beginning and therefore implying an explosive end, is a kind of projection of this Judeo-Christian model of history. It’s not just confined to churches and synagogs. It’s the myth which encloses our entire scientific world view, which has grown up within this Judeo-Christian matrix.”

12:35 Terence:
“This is not paranoia. Paranoia? The Earth is on fire, haven’t you heard? There’s no reason to worry about being too paranoid. You can lift your foot off that pedal. It’s OK. You can go with that intuition now. The planet is on fire.”

18:38 Terence:
“So much is happening. Everything is knitting together. It cannot be stopped. There will be cellular technology and human-machine interface and uploading and downloading of clones of people and memories and places. The boundries are disolving into some kind of techno-biological informational soup of intentionality.”

19:12 Terence:
“It’s incomprehensible what is happening on this planet. It is like the metamorphosis that goes on inside a crysalisis, excpt this is a planet that is having its forests liquified, its oceans boiled, its populations moved, its genes streaming in all directions with all these exotic toxins mixed in. It isn’t for death that it’s moving. It’s moving towards some kind of other thing, not death.”

22:20 Rupert Sheldrake:
“Assuming that human consciousness doesn’t simply become extinguished at death, we have the question of what happens when millions of people die together. . . . an extraordinary flux of souls”

27:31 Terence:
“We don’t know what life is for or what death is for.”

28:13 Rupert:
“If the state of being after death is like dreaming without being able to wake up, so that when we die we’re captured in the realm of our dreams, we pass through this tunnel, and we enter a realm which is more like the realm of dreams than the life of waking experience, that there is indeed a post-mortal life in such a form, a form glimpsed in dreams in some kinds of psychedelic epxerience where the barrier that is penetrated may be like the membrane or barrier that we penetrate at death and may therefore be akin to near death experiences, which I think DMT probably is.”

30:28 Rupert:
“It’s an interesting question as to why the apocolypse is such a strong attractor.”

36:12 Rupert:
“It seems to us unlikely, given our old-fashioned cosmological view, that anything that happens on Earth would affect the rest of the cosmos. But if lots of Earths were synchronized [through morphogenic fields] then we do indeed begin to get the sense of the possible cosmic apolypotic.”

38:28 Terence: “We have to believe that the universe is stranger than we can suppose, and that’s the way, by avoiding closure and keeping that in front of us I think we will not go far wrong.”

44:23 Terence:
“The middle name of chaos is opportunity.”


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  1. Just wanted to let you know that there are only about 14 minutes of audio in this podcast. I’m curious to hear the rest of it. Thanks for putting these online!

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