Podcast 077 – The Apocalypse (Part 1)


Guest speakers: Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, Rupert Sheldrake


(Minutes : Seconds into program)
Terence McKenna:
“[The apocalypse] seems to be the unique, unifying thread throughout the
Western religions Most insistently of all religious systems on Earth, it is
the Western systems that have insisted on appointing an end to their world.”

05:07 Terence:
“At the folkloric level, the attractor of the end of the world is very strong.”

07:47 Terence:
“And these religions, which have anticipated this thing in this rather crude end of the world scenario are somehow on to something, something that is, I think, a message that is coming from the biological level, if you will, about the inherent instability of the world.”

12:14 Terence:
“If in fact the concrescence is upon us then really all we can do is chat
about it as it comes down around our ears over the next 25 years.”

14:37 Terence:
“I think we’re standing on the lip of a hyperdimensional volcano of some
sort, toward which all history is being poured at a great rate.”

29:34 Terence:
“So then I thought, my god, we’re not inventing time travel here, what we’re
inventing is a god whistle.”

36:01 Terence:
“You see, the presence of minds is the signifier of nearby singularity.”

37:22 Ralph Abraham:
“The only thing is, that from the morphogenic field point of view there
are quite a number of people believing Saint John the Divine, now that I have
to take seriously.”
. . . Terence: “He felt a quaking in the force,
that’s all, but it’s up to cooler heads to figure out what this quaking is.”

38:10 Ralph:
“The present extinction is the eighth largest [as determined in 1989] catastrophes of the planet in its lifetime. And that’s happening now. So we are in something that big, and to be the biggest one it would be the apocalypse.”

38:10 Terence:
“So that’s why you don’t need John the Divine to tell you there’s an apocalypse

39:49 Ralph:
“It does seem to me that the ecological catastrophe is the appropriate interpretation
of the apocalyptic vision at the present time.”


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Faster Than Light by Nick HerbertThe book that Terence McKenna referred to in this podcast is:

“Faster Than Light:
Superluminal Loopholes in Physics”

by Nick Herbert

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