Podcast 076 – Education in the New World Order (Part 2)


Guest speakers: Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake


(Minutes : Seconds into program)
Rupert Sheldrake:
“The other side of this is the reform of the existing professions.”

05:24 Ralph Abraham:
“Somehow there would have to be a miracle to get the whole system onto a new track.. And the revascularization aspect that we are mostly longing for might never happen. We need to trigger it.”

07:37 Rupert:
“I’m thinking of a pioneering experiment in a limited area.”

08:55 Ralph:
“How could we possibly attract an eighteen year old to a workshop? What would be necessary?” [Terence McKenna] “You have to talk about psychedelic drugs.”

11:13 Rupert:
[describing his concept of a series of workshop initiations] “To get there you have to be recommended by someone who’s been here, and therefore there’s a much greater sense of initiation into this world. The fact is, a lot of teenagers may not know that this world exists, or if they do they have a totally distorted view.”

17:11 Ralph:
“Corruption is a known mechanism for the downward spiral of society.”

26:57 Terence McKenna:
“Because the old method is breaking down. There’s either some substitute in the future, or we’re just looking at a generation in anarchy.”

34:07 Rupert:
“Because right now education is one of the areas that is being insulated from free market economics by being a state monopoly run by bureaucratic institutions and operated by an old style hierarchal priesthood.”


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Essay referred to by Lorenzo in this podcast: “Drug Control: National Policies”
by Dr. A.C. Germann, Professor Emeritus
Department of Criminal Justice
California State University, Long Beach

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