Podcast 075 – Education in the New World Order (Part 1)


Guest speakers: Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake


(Minutes : Seconds into program)
Rupert Sheldrake:
“The present educational system mimics the initiation process and indeed is a kind of initiation process.”

07:18 Rupert:
“And indeed it is the scientific priesthood envisaged by Bacon in the scientific world, the academic model and the priestly role as the higher initiates in running and ordering society, the more-educated.”

08:40 Rupert:
“You can see this whole new frame of mind being introduced in the entire third world through UNESCO and through educational things. And the first step is literacy, you’ve got to have them reading and writing, because then you can get it across that what’s in books is actually more important than what you feel or experience.”

21:09 Terence McKenna:
“The education system of the future should have a tremendous focus on history.”

22:53 Terence:
“Part of reforming education has to be to teach people that history is a system of interlocking resonance’s in which they are embedded, and they are going to be called upon to make decisions which will affect the state of life on this planet millennia in the future.”

24:04 Terence:
“This hierarchy of academic cant that has been built up is in fact a sham, a thing of squeaking gears and creaking pulleys that is left over from another age.”

27:50 Ralph Abraham:
“I was pleased to discover that the higher educational system of Europe and America was not getting worse and worse, it was always this bad.”

32:22 Ralph:
“Where is spiritual value, where is moral and ethical value, where is the fabric of society, as it were, where is that taught? If not in the schools then embedded in soap operas, or where? Somehow the curriculum has to have spiritual, moral, and social values.”

41:06 Rupert:
“And then there would be some final test . . . and I think it could also involve, like the Eleusinian Mysteries, a psychedelic revelation.”


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