Podcast 072 – “The Unconscious” (Part 2)


Guest speakers: Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake


(Minutes : Seconds into program)
03:52 Rupert Sheldrake: Explains his concept of “Cannabis Day”

06:18 Terence McKenna: “One day in each lunar cycle would be Cannabis Day, I think.”

10:22 Terence:
“Time and attention used creatively banish the unconscious.”

13:42 Ralph Abraham: “Shopping malls are actually the modern equivalent
of the medieval abbeys.”

20:04 Rupert:
“The idea that time has its qualities is already something that has a popular following in the millions who study astrology in a vague or a professional way.”

24:22 Rupert:
“Drugs have qualities, and they open up different realms of experience. . . . And so what would happen, for example, if one took a powerful psychoactive that opened one to the astral realm, in the starry sense, and then invoked a particular star by name and tried to journey, or connect with, or become open to influences from that star? . . . I’d be rather frightened to try it, myself.”

29:09 Ralph:
“Denial [of various experiences] I think is a recent phenomenon, and here there is a serious danger for evolution because once experience is denied then evolution is shunted off its track.”

35:50 Ralph:
“We may have great powers that aren’t being used since we don’t believe in them.”

41:20 Ralph:
“A dangerous hypothesis: The first one we want to transcend is the seperation of the human unconscious from the other unconscious.”

42:32 Ralph:
“So associated with this animal domestication and eating habit, addiction, is denial of consciousness of the animal.”


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