Podcast 071 – “The Unconscious” (Part 1)


Guest speakers: Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake


(Minutes : Seconds into program)
06:48 Ralph Abraham: Explains his bifurcation theory of the unconscious

08:01 Ralph:
“We can speak of the consciousness of animals, the consciousness of plants, the consciousness of Mother Earth.”

11:57 Ralph:
“Chaos goes to the basement, and with this gesture created the bifurcation in consciousness, giving us the unconscious, which appears to be gaining ever since.”

17:02 Ralph:
“I think we want Saint George and the Dragon getting it on together in a May Day celebration where Dionysian elements are accepted.”

18.21 Terence McKenna: “The orgies driven by the psychedelic religion completely frustrated that desire to identify male paternity.”

21:21 Terence:
“Basically the choice was between fun [through orgies] and full knowledge of the flow of your genes, and once it was decided that male paternity was an important issue, then the concept of ‘mine’ comes into existence. . . . And this was the whole thing which this orgiastic, psychedelic, boundry-disolving mushroom religion was holding at bay. It was literally a pharmacological intervention to keep that kind of a psychology [patriarchal] from getting going.”

23:33 Terence:
“They went from an ecstatic goddess cult of orgy to a drunken reverie of warriors and whores.”

30:16 Ralph:
“And in this sense, a restrictive society which narrows the choice of addictions is somehow anti-evolutionary in that it promotes the growth of unconsciousness, insensitivity, is a danger to the biosphere and so on.”

31:11 Rupert Sheldrake: Explains his proposal to legalize psychedelics in an ‘age-related manner’.

33:55 Rupert:
“And the heart of all living systems is unconscious habit. However conscious we think we become we don’t become fully conscious of the unconscious embryonic habits that formed us.”

40:03 Ralph:
“And so we would have to work at maintenance of consciousness as we work at maintenance of the garden.”

46:47 Terence:
“It [coffee] is the only drug sanctioned by industrial capitalism in the form of the coffee break.”


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  1. what is the Kirgan wave theory that Ralph mentions around the twenty min mark? I tried looking it up, but google has some slim pickings. Any insights into this would be greatly appreciated. He was saying Mckenna’s theory of the mushroom fallout of culture and its subsequent replacement with alcohol as an alternative to the Kigran wave theory…

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