Podcast 069 – “Entities” (Part 1)


Guest speakers: Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake


(Minutes : Seconds into program)

02:24 Terence McKenna: “When you start looking at the question of
these disincarnate entities, the first thing that strikes you is their persistence in human experience and folklore. This is not something unusual or statistically rare.”

07:57 Terence:
“The eradication of spirit from the visible world has been a project prosecuted with great zeal concomitant with the rise of modern science.”

10:01 Terence:
“If we examine the history of early modern science, we discover that some of the major movers and shakers were in fact being guided and directed in the formulation of early science by disincarnate entities.”

12:59 Terence:
“The aversion to the irrational is something that science inherited from Christianity.”

17:59 Ralph Abraham: “I think it was in 879 in the council of Byzantium
that spirit was made illegal, and then we went from three to two, so there’s only body and soul . . . and this is, I think, the reason why no one knows the difference between spirit and soul and thinks that they’re the same.”

21:01 Terence:
“Did you know that the dogma of purgatory, in Christian theology, was not created by theologians in Rome. It was created by Saint Patrick in an effort to make Christian doctrine more commiserate with Celtic folk beliefs in the process of converting Ireland to Christianity?”

22:12 Terence:
“The major tool for contacting these entities in any kind of controllable fashion is psychedelic compounds, especially DMT and the tryptamines. And those sort of experiences seem to line up pretty well with the Celtic fokelore.”

27:37 Terence:
“The irrational, in this objectified form, is very active in the process that we call history. It’s just that we don’t like to admit that because we’re committed to an official philosophy of reason and casuistry.”

33:57 Rupert Sheldrake: “The realm of our dreams is a personal nightly journeying into these realms of other entities.”


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