Podcast 068 – “Light and Vision” (Part 2)


Guest speakers: Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake


(Minutes : Seconds into program)

05:38 Ralph Abraham: “It does seem very attractive to think of
the electromagnetic field as some kind of favored intermediary among all the physical fields.”

07:41 Rupert Sheldrake: “There’s this mystery of light. I still
think Maxwell’s electromagnetic formulations of light are much too simple.”

10:56 Ralph:
“I think that we ought to think about the possibility that this effect [the paranormal] will not be confirmed in laboratories.”

15:39 Rupert:
“There is some sense in which our imagination, our image-making facility, is self-luminous.”

25:54 Ralph:
“We have therefore in our individual consciousness a particular affinity with the electromagnetic field . . . as epitomized by vision.”

30:41 Terence McKenna: “Why is divine omniscience a necessary concept?
Can’t the universe get along just being partially aware of what’s going on? . . . What problems are solved by hypothesizing that notion?”

33:36 Rupert:
“I find it more reasonable to find that our minds are in touch with larger minds and are in many ways shaped by larger mental systems.”

33:57 Terence:
“The mind of the whole universe seems unnecessary to hypothesize and unlikely to be encountered.

45:14 Rupert:
“I think that the cosmic mind may be largely unconscious because I think that most things that happen in the cosmos are habitual and therefore unconscious.”


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