Podcast 066 – “Chaos and Imagination” (Part 2)


Guest speakers: Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake


(Minutes : Seconds into program)
02:29 Terence McKenna:
“The ego is essentially paranoia institutionalized.”

03:53 Ralph Abraham:
Considers the possibility that ego became strengthened when psychedelic usage became less frequent.

05:29 Terence:
Talks about a “psychedelic rebirth.”

08:15 Terence:
“A calendrical reform would be a wonderful thing, and I have just the calendar all worked out.”

09:48 Terence:
“It’s an effort to deny man’s mortality, this solar calendar. It’s reinforcing a false notion of permanence, and what we actually want is a calendar that says ‘all is flow, all is flux, all relationships are in motion to everything else. It’s a truer picture of the world.”

13:22 Rupert Sheldrake:
Comments on the fact that the Islamic calendar fits the definition of Terence’s suggested calendar.

16:22 Rupert:
“One of the things that’s clear is that chaos is feminine, and creation out of chaos is like the creation out of the womb, coming out of darkness.”

20:56 Terence:
“I think it’s the notion of as above so below.” . . . “In talking about these things you can’t force closure.”

22:14 Ralph:
Explains how the painting in the shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe (the black virgin) is actually a representation of the goddess chaos.

26:19 Terence:
Explains how the Faustian pact with the physical world that humans have made by adopting the “deadly cultural forms” of written language, moveable type, etc. have had a negative impact on our self-image. . . . “In the absence of this boundary-dissolving ecstasies, and replacing that with the machinations and plottings of the ego leads very, very quickly into a cultural cul de sac. . . . This was the wrong-turning.”

29:15 Terence:
Explains the difference between dominator and partnership.

33:17 Terence:
“You cannot trust the dominator style not to go psychotic here at the end.” . . . “Who is it who has the power to pry the dead fingers of the dominator culture from the instrumentality of power?” . . . “Everyone should understand this, that chaos provides opportunity for commandos of the new persuasion to rush forward and jam vital machinery of the dominator metaphor.”

39:14 Terence:
Discusses the question of whether there can be consciousness without an object.


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