Podcast 060 – “The Future of Human Consciousness”


Guest speaker: Myron Stolaroff


Myron Stolaroff and Albert Hofmann
(Minutes : Seconds into program)
03:13 “My talk is about the future of human consciousness.”

08:18 ” The discovery of who we are and what our potential can be was given an enormous boost when Dr. Albert Hofmann came forward with LSD.”

11:11“What is it like to enter the dimensions of higher consciousness? . . . I have been unusually blessed to have the privilege of entering dimensions never previously imagined.. . . just having experienced glimpses is enough to muster determination to press forward, for it is now clear that our Real Self, the true I that resides in the heart of each of us, is present and available, and is worth far more than anything one could possibly imagine.”

14:45“There is no question that the appropriate use of LSD can open many important doors.”

16:51 “The greatest sources of pain come from mistreatment, particularly at a young age where comprehension has not yet developed. Fear, pain, neglect, accidents, forced restrictions, are all sources of such discomfort that our psyche buries these feelings deep into the unconscious. A good psychedelic experience can open us to these restricted levels, and permit discharging these uncomfortable feelings.”Hignin Gonzalez and Jean Stolaroff in Basil, Switzerland

20:36“It is essential to put into action what one has learned. Otherwise our inner self can get discouraged, and depression can follow.”

23:13“The more we progress, the more we learn to open up and resolve inappropriate material. In general, most of us don’t care for pain. but I have learned that pain is an excellent teacher.”

28:51“Since 1965 I learned that psychedelic substances were the most powerful learning tools available to mankind. Complex, powerful, they are easily misused and abused. Yet for the sincere seeker, armed with honesty, courage, and an unquenchable thirst for Self discovery, I know of no other means that can so readily provide self-understanding, and the ultimate nature of Reality. Nor that can so readily reveal the source of most of the difficulties of the human race, and the most appropriate path to their resolution.”
Myron Stolaroff


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Photos by Higinio Gonzalez

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  1. COMMENTS from original blog page: http://www.matrixmasters.net/blogs/?p=110

    This podcast healed a deep split in me about psychedelics and spirituality. So many people were drawn to spiritual life after having taken psychedelics and it has always appeared to me that they had a serious headstart. I have never taken a psychedelic and have always wanted to but I felt guilty about this wish, that it would somehow be cheating. This is a moralistic view that I could not shake, but there is also the concern about the illegality of taking a substance… and with whom? And how can you know it’s pure or what the right dosage or indeed substance should be? Friends who took these substances in the 60s and 70s mostly did not take them with serious intent and do not respect or acknowlege the importance of what happened to them. Yet it is impossible to separate yourself from an experience or to know how you would have developed had you not taken it. For decades I have gone in and out of searching for someone to help me. I don’t know if anyone is reading this, especially since this podcast is now so old. But I am going to Basel later this month for the World Psychedelic Forum and am hoping to find an experienced guide, preferrably a psychotherapist. Because this is another split – psychology and spirituality. There has been the notion that meditation heals everything, that psychotherapeutic work is not needed. And yet I have so much that is not reconciled within me. No matter what, I am so grateful to have heard this talk as well as the other podcasts with Myron Stolaroff. THANK YOU.

    This is a total gem. Myron sums up the psychedelic experience in such a clear, wise, and graceful way. Anyone I introduce to psychedelics will be directed to this talk. I appreciate his findings and Lorenzo for the posting.

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