Podcast 037 – “Imprisonment & Liberation Aspects of Consciousness”


Guest speaker: Nick Sand


In this program, Nick Sand, one of the original psychedelic guides from the Millbrook commune, alchemist, yogi, spiritual practitioner, and drug war victim, discusses the psychological states encountered as an underground chemist, a fugitive, and his five years in prison. The topics dealt with will be how attitude, intention, and time, reveal the reality of true inner freedom.


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  1. Lorenzo, firstly thank you for the Matrixmasters website ! 🙂

    While browsing it I have come across a page about Nick Sand, I have become very interested in his work and am looking for a way to get in touch with him regarding a number of creative projects. I was wondering if you might have his email address or some other means to contact him. I would really appreciate your help.

    All the best.


  2. Nick,

    I am seeking assistance with many of my Chemisrty and Physics thoughts. I believe that you can help me in discovering the path forward. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

    John Macaulay

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