Podcast 025 – “Cacti: A Discourse by Sasha Shulgin”


Guest speaker: Sasha Shulgin




Sasha Shulgin
(photo by Bill Radacinski)
This podcast of the Psychedelic Salon Sasha Shulgin’s in-depth talk about cacti, which was given at the 2002 Mind States Conference held in Jamaica. After podcast #022 of another talk Sasha gave in Jamaica, we received a lot of eMail saying, “More Dr. Shulgin!!!!” . . . And so, here he is once again.

Although Sasha has given a lot of presentations at conferences all over the world, it isn’t often that he has devoted a single talk exclusively to a discussion of his extensive research into these intriguing plants.

In addition to PIKAL and TIKAL, Transform Press has also published Sasha’s new book about cacti, all of which are listed in the BOOKS section on the Shulgin’s page at Palenque Norte.


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