Podcast 021 – “Psychedelic Psychotherapy and the Shadow”


Guest speaker: Ann Shulgin


This is a talk given byAnn Shulgin at the Mind States Conference in 2002. It provides a rare look into the world of psychedelic therapy during the years immediately preceding the scheduling of MDMA as a Category I substance. This schedule level means that the U.S. Government considers MDMA to have no medical value. After you listen to what Ann Shulgin has to report, you will see how wrong the government is about the medical value of MDMA.

SOUND BITES: A newborn baby has no shadow. . . . The shadow represents the parts of us that, for whatever reason, we have come to think of as parts of ourselves that are not acceptable, not lovable, and not OK. . . . Whenever you find yourself reacting negatively to a person or group of people, consider the possibility that you may be reacting to your own shadow.” –Ann Shulgin


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  1. Could you please post the Q&A? I would very much like to hear it. Thanks

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I would if I had it, but I never received a copy of the Q&A.]

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    BarryF · 118 weeks ago
    Hey Lorenzo- When do you think you can post the Q&A from this podcast? This is one of the MOST compelling arguments for the use of these sacred medicines I’ve heard. Ann Shulgin is a treasure and her experience with the ‘modalities’ involved – before the Fed stepped-in – is absolutely priceless. I feel strongly that she is absolutely correct that doing ‘shadow work’ is probably THE MOST important thing we could ever possibly do in our lives – and certainly the bravest – as her accounts describe.

    OM Shantih,


    sancho23 · 113 weeks ago
    If anyone has a transcript of this talk, most especially the parts in which she discusses Shadow work and what the Shadow is, that would be very helpful for me as I don’t have time to type it myself!

    send it to foxvalleyfreedom -at- gmail.com if you do. . .

    Lorenzo · 113 weeks ago
    I have let Ann know how much you all appreciate her work. And I asked if there are some more written and spoken word pieces that we might be able to use here in the salon.

    I doubt if there is an actual transcript of her Shadow talk, though, as I’ve seen her give it several times, and it appears that she only uses some notes to go by. But I’ll keep following up by being a little squeaky wheel in her busy world and see if she can dig out some old tapes in the back of her office closet.

    Fluffsta · 78 weeks ago
    Just to let y’all know that I’ve borrowed a transcriber and am about to start typing up the transcript of this wonderful talk… give me a bit of time, it’s on its way!!! :0)

    One love


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