Podcast 019 – “The World Wide Web and the Millennium”


Guest speakers: Terence McKenna & Ralph Abraham


This podcast is part of a dialogue between Terence McKenna and Ralph Abraham that took place at the Omega Institute on August 1, 1998.

It isn’t often that we have the opportunity to see how accurate predictions about the future are, but this fascinating conversation between two of the great thinkers of our times has already proven to be right on target. The reason this may be of interest to you is that if they correctly predicted some things that have now happened, then we are really in for some big time excitement if some of their more far-out predictions come true.


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  1. my Norton a-v software just blocked a ‘mass injection’ attack when i attempted to go to the link under fun-da-mental’s name.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Thanks . . . I’ll delete that link.]

  2. What a GREAT talk!

    Lorenzo, play that again on December 2012, and tell people just to interchange the word ‘millennium’ with ’21 Dec. 2012′, it will still work fine..!

    aloha from Switzerland!

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    drlaura · 123 weeks ago
    Ralph mentions Dean Radin and the fact that his work demonstrates the reality that parapsychology is real and scientific…. to learn more., here’s some info.

    Dean is the key researcher at IONS – which is an amazing organization

    1. wikipedia: DeanRadin

    2. book “The Conscious Universe (1997, HarperCollins) was awarded Amazon com’s 1998 Category Bestseller Award, the Scientific and Medical Network 1997 Book Award, and the Anomalist’s 1997 Book Award, and as of 2006 it is in its 16th printing” [quote from wikipedia]

    3. video: dean radin on google ~20 min

    4. WIE unbound interview “where science meets Psi” wie interview

    WIE is the magazine “what is enlightenment”

    5. Dean Radin “parapsychology researcher” Dean Radin

    … before you think “too weird”, do remember that Terence would remind you about the cutting edge of modern physics…

    with 11 dimensions, parallel universes [or a multiverse] and now even Stephen Hawking saying that it wasn’t “A big bang” but many big bangs and it becomes “which bang where and when?”

    … which links back to 2000-3000 yr old sanscrit philosophy

    IONS has a $10/mo membership where they send you books and cd’s and an amazing amount of info about cutting edge research putting the inner and outer worlds together.

    speaking of which – if you haven’t DONE so already, go get “what the bleep?!” an amazingly fun movie. amazon/netflix etc…

    blessings, :L

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