Podcast 016 – “A Short History of the Human Species”


Guest speaker: Fraser Clark


A story about reversing the Big Lie . . . The true story of Monkey’s Marvelous Trip from theAfrican Jungle toInner and Outer Space by Fraser Clark.


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  1. This is a solid alternative history & seems much more logical and realistic than the current mainstream orthodoxy

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    EROCx1 · 146 weeks ago
    This is one of my favorites. If you like Terence’s theories on evolution, you will really enjoy this Podcast!

    sean · 118 weeks ago
    This IS a great talk. This is the first time I’ve heard the name Fraser Clark, and now his ideas, and what a treat it was. He seems to have a way of talking, a spontaneously creative yet temporally structured and prepared way of orating that reminds me very much of, well, fill in the blank right? Terence McKenna. I do mean that with sincerity though; this talk was enjoyable to me on the level of a varied, creative, cohesive TM talk, and those are of an ecstasy all of their own.

    Thomas M · 9 weeks ago
    Has anyone the written text of this podcast ? I only find the footnotes:


    you can contact me tom.meixner (at) gmail (dot) com

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