Podcast 013 – “Cancer Anxiety Study Tests Psilocybin”


Guest speaker: Dr. Charles Grob


A talk by Dr. Charles Grob in July 2005. The topic was his current FDA-approved research project using the active ingredient from “magic mushrooms” to treat anxiety in cancer patients.


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  1. Hello friend(s) my name is Bryn Anderson, April 12th,2010 I had a hemmoraghic stroke which paralyzed my left side. it had affected(motor control only)a good 90 to 95% of me and I mainly stayed in a wheelchair unless I was assisted by a therapist.That was April, May and part of June.With hard work and prayer and determination I now can walk with a cane(gross motor movement-control)My inquiry is if Dr. Grob would kindly consider try using psilocybin to help me regain fine motor control with the right-side of my thalmus.For righr now I am unable to use my left lower arm/hand/fingers in any effective way.I would be extremely grateful for a response back.Thank you-Bryn Anderson

    • I have forwarded your comment to Dr. Grob. However, due to current government restrictions my guess is that he won’t be able to help because he is only allowed to administer psilocybin in approved studies, none of which are active at the moment. Another approach may be to search out healers in Mexico who are still working with this medicine.

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