Podcast 001 – “Psychedelic Thinking and the Dawn of Homo Cyber”


Guest speaker: Lorenzo

A talk by Lorenzo presented at the Mind States II conference in Berkeley, California in May of 2001.

Full text of Lorenzo’s talk


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    terranhealer · 100 weeks ago
    I was listening to this talk the other day and subsequently looking at the art of Chris Jordan. This guy seems like a psychedelic thinker by the definitions given by Lorenzo and others. While he doesn’t mention psychdelics as an influence, we must remember that the use of entheogens is not a prerequisite for psycheelic thinking.


    and a lecture at TED with many other psychdelic thinkers:


    gemstar · 99 weeks ago
    This is one of the classic talks on the Psychedelic Salon. I know we get a cool dose of Lorenzo every week, but I wish we could hear more prepared speeches like this one. The points in this talk are very precise. I hope to hear more of Lorenzo (on the scene) in future podcasts.

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