“Confessions of an Ecstasy Advocate”

Confessions of an Ecstasy Advocate
A video interview with Lorenzo about the time when MDMA (ecstasy) first hit the streets in Dallas, Texas.

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  1. Great work you are doing. Now, on this interview can you make it a “podcast”? Keep up the great work.

  2. Hey Lorenzo! I am working on a few things that I hope soon to come to fruition. I want to thank you for adding my tune Homeless land into your podcast. I must admit that your podcast really opened my mind and I realize changed my life for the better! I remember you said what ever you do will not make a difference but do it anyways! I think you are making a difference… It is all about the cause! I look forward to meeting you in person in the future! Take care my friend! We need more of you! I will continue to listen to every podcast from now to the end of time! 🙂

  3. I’ve also staired into the waveforms of words and felt the spirit of… Us Gia earth Terence creativity void light joy etc. … Starring back at me.. Please drop me an email soon. Lorenzo, we must speak. I feel something happening all around me… Like time is spreading up…

  4. As you know, the latest street name for MDMA is “Molly”, but don’t be fooled, very little of what is hitting the streets as Molly can actually be MDMA. I have even heard news programs claiming that Molly is extra strength MDMA . . . that is total bullshit, as you well know. And IMO, I seriously doubt if the recent deaths that we’ve been hearing about have actually been caused by MDMA . . . just watch this video for my personal experience with this substance.

  5. Hey Lorenzo, here’s a long shot:

    I recently listened to the Ethnobotany of Shamanism workshop series and at the end of the first podcast Terence brings out a bag of books and starts talking to the audience about various volumes of psychedelic (and etc) literature. I loved this first part, and was very eager and excited to hear the continuation so to start looking for some of these volumes (I love to go to the source material that Terence worked with, it’s a gold mine). I was disappointed to see that you had cut out the rest of this book review, but forgave on account of Miguel’s original recordings being linked to. Well, I’ve found the original link to his downloads and alas, 404. I’ve had no other luck finding these elsewhere on the internet either. I’m wondering if you could be of any help in pointing me towards this segment of the workshop? It would be a true delight for a psychedelic scholar and McKenna enthusiast to have access to this.

    Thanks, very much appreciate and admire the work you do…


  6. Easy Lorenzo 🙂

    A quick blast of love to you, and many thanks for doing and sharing this awesome documentary <3

    Small "a" anarchy is the only way to go 🙂

    Om mani padme hum <3

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Hi Ninja . . . you just made my day :-)]

  7. Lorenzo – off topic – have you watched any of Sheldrake’s talks on his new book Science Set Free (The Science delusion)?
    I can’t get enough of them – they directly relate to – and kind of validate – the trialogues and Terence. The book is revolutionary.

  8. dear Lorenzo, I just listened to “Confession of an Ecstasy Advocate” and just want to say I really admire your honesty and forthrightness. Bravo to you Lorenzo. Bravo to you!

  9. Very nice article. I don’t feel the need to take X knowing the damage it can do to your cells. I have tried shrooms 2 times when younger. We took them in a group setting and it opens your mind to another way of thinking. Law is a terrible way to determine what is right and wrong. Improperly used drugs can cost you your life true but never using them at all and you could turn out like my grandmother. So hard to get along with that she basically wasted away in her home alone with her obtuse views. She was so difficult to get along with even her friends could not stand her. If she ever had tried mushrooms it would have opened her up to at least be more tolerant and understand things a bit differently. Herb or weed I have seen people that were out right racists on both sides black and white one a former black panther party member the other a want to be KKK member. History has proven both paths to be improper but weed drew them together making them friends. A friend with weed is a friend indeed very true statement. We need drug testing for bus drivers and truckers we need them to remain clean you better be on your game there but a lot of us have no business remaining sober forever.

  10. Thank you so much for posting this Lorenzo! I was planning on making it out to the MAPS conference where I heard they would be screening this, but due to some personal issues I was not able to make it out. I was anxiously awaiting my turn to see this video and it did not disappoint! Thank you so much for everything you do Lorenzo. The Psychedelic Salon has enriched my life in ways I can’t even begin to count, and on behalf of all lost souls out there, thank you for creating a home for the safe and therapeutic usage of these sacred medicines. It means the world to me.

  11. Awesome video. I have shared it with some friends and have gotten a very positive response and reactions to it.

    Lozo rocks!

  12. Great video. I enjoyed it very much.
    Some new details. Thanks for sharing.

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  13. @20:29 – “I totally abused it, I didn’t know what was going on, which is really why I have come to where I am today.” :p

    Seriously though, playing Robin Hood is so much fun. You even gain winged friends that way! Together laughing at all the scientists who can’t figure out why they can’t do repeatable experiments on creatures who in a way outsmart them..

  14. — Do you have a bitcoin address? It has been a while since I donated.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I’ve looked into it, but right now it’s all a bit too complex for me to justify the time involved to set it up. And since all donations go to pay my hosting bills, until they accept bitcons it’s not too practical.]

  15. Thanks for sharing some of your story with us. I’ve been following your pages since there were just a few mp3’s here, and you’ve really created a nice resource.

    With warm regards,

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Thanks for being a part of the salon since the beginning :-).]

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