Podcast 301 – “Terence McKenna: Beyond 2012” Part 4

Guest speaker: Bruce Damer PROGRAM NOTES: In this, the concluding episode of recordings from the workshop titled “Terence McKenna: Beyond 2012” and led by Bruce Damer and Lorenzo, we hear Bruce’s final presentation in which he begins by taking us on a mental voyage around our solar system. From there he tells a fascinating story […]

Podcast 300 – “Terence McKenna: Beyond 2012” Part 3

Guest speaker: Lorenzo PROGRAM NOTES: Today’s podcast picks up with the third section of the workshop that Bruce Damer and I led on January 28th. This section features my second presentation of the day in which I try to live up to the advanced billing for the workshop which read: “Lorenzo will take us from […]

Podcast 299 – “Terence McKenna: Beyond 2012” Part 2

Guest speaker: Bruce Damer PROGRAM NOTES: In today’s podcast we pick up with the next part of a workshop that was held on January 28, 2012 titled “Terence McKenna: Beyond 2012”. This section features Bruce Damer, who begins with his “Ode to Terence” [ In the Occupy segment I begin with a recap of what […]

Podcast 277 – “Peter Gorman Interviews Dennis McKenna” Part 2

Guest speakers: Dennis McKenna and Peter Gorman ROBERT VENOSA January 21, 1936 – August 9, 2011 Dear Friends and Community, A great soul has completed his earthly journey and graduated to the next level. The great Venosa left his body on Tuesday August 9, 2011 at 6:56 PM. His transition was graceful and accomplished in […]

Podcast 276 – “Peter Gorman Interviews Dennis McKenna” Part 1

Guest speakers: Peter Gorman and Dennis McKenna PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Dennis McKenna.] “The idea that you could use these to actually explore other dimensions, real worlds that were outside the cognizance of our ordinary world, is really what I think fascinated me about psychedelics.” “More than anything else, it [DMT] seemed […]

Podcast 273 – “Indigenous Plant Wisdom”

Guest speaker: Kathleen “Kat” Harrison PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Kat Harrison.] “If a bird you’re not used to seeing comes and sits on a tree outside your window and calls, and calls, and calls. It’s not just a bird of a trip. It’s a bird that has a message that it is […]

Podcast 264 – “The Search for AI”

Program moderator: Timothy Leary PROGRAM NOTES: Today’s podcast features a recording from the Timothy Leary archive. According to the label on the file, this is a recording of a television show that originated in Toronto, Canada. It was called Enterprise, or something like that, and this program took place sometime in 1983. The guest host […]

Podcast 261 – “The Definitive UFO Tape”

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna Please Support Dennis McKenna’s Kickstarter Project: The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss!   Books by Terence McKenna The Missing Chapters of The Invisible Landscape Chapter 20: The Oversoul as Saucer Chapter 21: Open Ending PROGRAM NOTES: This is Tape Number 004 of the Paul Herbert Collection. [NOTE: All quotations are by […]

Podcast 260 – “The Great Crescendo” Part 2

Guest speaker: Bruce Damer PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Bruce Damer.] “I would say it’s no more than 500 people in the United States who cause a vast amount of the grief.” “A crescendo involves everyone. The singularity seems to be this nerd idea of reaching some kind of Omega Point. It’s very […]

Podcast 245 – “UFOs: Angels Aliens & Archetypes”

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna NOTE: This podcast is a “companion” to KMO’s podcast #224 “Viral Disclosure”, which you may also find quite interesting. [September 27, 2010 PRESS CONFERENCE UPDATE: Aliens ‘hit our nukes’: They even landed at a Suffolk base, claim airmen Read more: Google News Search UFOs PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by […]