Podcast 069 – “Entities” (Part 1)

Guest speakers: Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake PROGRAM NOTES: (Minutes : Seconds into program) 02:24 Terence McKenna: “When you start looking at the question of these disincarnate entities, the first thing that strikes you is their persistence in human experience and folklore. This is not something unusual or statistically rare.” 07:57 Terence: “The […]

Podcast 057 – “Aliens, Elementals, and the Daimonic Realm”

Guest speaker: Daniel Pinchbeck PROGRAM NOTES: Here is Daniel Pinchbeck speaking at the Oracle Gathering in Seattle at the end of October 2006 where he discussed “meeting the other”. In this presentation he asks, are the entities met in aliens abductions, fairy stories, and psychedelic visions actual “others” or projected aspects of our own psyche? How can […]

Podcast 056 – “The Other Side of 2012″

Guest speaker: Lorenzo PROGRAM NOTES: This is a talk that Lorenzo gave at an Oracle Gathering in Seattle at the end of October 2006. In it he discusses three possible approaches to the 2012 meme: Muddling along, waiting for a mystical/magical transformation, or taking charge of your own life and planning for a personal change even though […]