Salon2 035 – “ICEERS & Plant Medicines”

Guest speaker: Benjamin De Loenen PROGRAM NOTES: Year this lecture was recorded: 2017 In today’s podcast Benjamin De Loenen, the founder of ICEERS (International Center for Ethnobotanical Education Research and Service), talks about things that led him to start this organization, which comes to the defense of plants and is dedicated to sharing the science […]

Podcast 551 – “Women in Cannabis”

Guest speakers: Annie Oak and friends PROGRAM NOTES: Today’s podcast features a panel of distinguished women, all of whom are participating in various ways in the burgeoning new world of legal cannabis growing, distribution, and education. The panel assembled on the last evening in August at the 2017 Burning Man Festival, where they spoke in […]

Salon2 034 – “Psychedelic Chemistry”

Guest speaker: Dave Nichols PROGRAM NOTES: Year this lecture was recorded: 2017 As the founding president of the Heffter Research Institute, a chemist who crafted some of the most important research molecules of this generation and a leader in the psychedelic community, we’re pleased to present an interview with Dr. David Nichols. He talks about […]

Podcast 550 – “FDA Approved Phase 3 MDMA/PTSD Research”

Guest speaker: Rick Doblin PROGRAM NOTES: Date this lecture was recorded: September 1, 2017 Today we feature the 2017 Palenque Norte Lecture delivered by the founder of the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies, Rick Doblin. In this wide ranging talk, besides an update about the recent FDA approval for MAPS’ major Phase 3 study of […]

Salon2 033 – “The Psychedelic Archives of Keeper Trout”

Guest speaker: Keeper Trout PROGRAM NOTES: Year this lecture was recorded: 2017 The wonderful Keeper Trout shares with us today includes his experiences archiving the files of Dr. Alexander Shulgin, working to collect the chemistry of psychedelic plants and medicines (particularly mescaline containing plants), and the cultural and legal history of the Native use of […]

Salon 2.0 – “Horizons Conference Announcement”

Guest speaker: Neal Goldsmith PROGRAM NOTES: Date this lecture was recorded: October 4, 2017 Today we hear from Neal Goldsmith about the speakers at the Horizons psychedelics conference this weekend: And then our old friend Brian talks about the Saturday night event with Duncan Trussel. If you can’t make it, you can watch […]

Salon2 031 – “The Sacred Cactus”

Guest speaker: Sergey Baranov PROGRAM NOTES: Year this lecture was recorded: 2017 The path to peyote for a Russian seeker named Sergey Baranov. Throughout communities spanning the Americas, Sergey explored plant medicines and even faced a near-death experience before finally settling in Peru and founding the ‘Cactus House’ where he now leads ceremonies. Sergey Baranov’s […]

Salon2 -029 – “Treating PTSD with MDMA”

Guest speakers: Michael and Annie Mithoefer PROGRAM NOTES: Year this lecture was recorded: 2017 Michael and Annie Mithoefer have been working for years to bring MDMA into the forefront as a treatment for PTSD. As a couple who works together holding space for these sessions, they share about what they learned of the promise and […]

Salon2 – 026 “CBD and Bluebird Botanicals”

Guest speakers: Kevin Leibrock and Michael Harinen PROGRAM NOTES: Year this lecture was recorded: 2017 Kevin Liebrock and Michael Harinen from Bluebird Botanicals tell us about their work producing high quality CBD oil that can be shipped to all fifty U.S. states. They answer some of the most commonly asked questions that people have about […]

Salon2 025 – “Cannabis Pair O’ Docs”

Guest speakers: Matthew Markert and Frank Sacco PROGRAM NOTES: Year this lecture was recorded: 2017 For Marijuana Month, this week is our Cannabis “Paradox” Pair o’ Docs episode. Dr. Matthew Markert shares thoughts about cannabis, epilepsy and the brain. As an MD/PhD interested in altered states of consciousness, he chose epilepsy as a way to study […]