Podcast 271 – “Weaving Modern Ritual from Traditional Roots”

Guest speaker: Kathleen “Kat” Harrison Big Island, Little Planet March 17–28, 2012 A Travel Intensive in Polynesia on the Big Island of Hawaii Ethnobotanist Kathleen Harrison and Hawaiian cultural teacher Momi Subiono will lead this travel intensive, open to all who have a desire to immerse themselves in the story of plants, nature, and a […]

Podcast 267 – “Exploring the Abyss”

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna Please Support Dennis McKenna’s Kickstarter Project: The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss! PROGRAM NOTES: This lecture was recorded in November 1982. A more complete version of this talk may be found in Podcast 317.] [NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.] “My assumption whenever I am confronted with opposites is to […]

Podcast 261 – “The Definitive UFO Tape”

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna Please Support Dennis McKenna’s Kickstarter Project: The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss!   Books by Terence McKenna The Missing Chapters of The Invisible Landscape Chapter 20: The Oversoul as Saucer Chapter 21: Open Ending PROGRAM NOTES: This is Tape Number 004 of the Paul Herbert Collection. [NOTE: All quotations are by […]

Podcast 260 – “The Great Crescendo” Part 2

Guest speaker: Bruce Damer PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Bruce Damer.] “I would say it’s no more than 500 people in the United States who cause a vast amount of the grief.” “A crescendo involves everyone. The singularity seems to be this nerd idea of reaching some kind of Omega Point. It’s very […]

Podcast 247 – “On Being God and Death”

Guest speaker: Alan Watts NOTE: This program is still available at the Internet Archive. Alan Watts’ son sent the following message requesting that his father’s talks be removed from the Psychedelic Salon … bye bye Alan! Mark Watts Said, Lorenzo if you leave the Alan Watts materials up you will be sued before this month […]

Podcast 246 – “Elves, Egos, and Avatars”

Guest speakers: Bruce Damer and Terence McKenna PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: The following quotations are by Bruce Damer.] “In life if you let yourself be ruled by fear life becomes a fearful experience.” “If you shake the Earth, all of the loose objects end in the West Coast of North America.” “There’s nothing useful thinking about […]

Podcast 239 – “Shamanism, Alchemy, and the 20th Century”

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna … recorded in 1996, however, it is current enough to have been given just last night … maybe it was :-).] “And these angel-dealing, horoscope-casting, alchemy-pursuing visionaries of this Rosicrucian Renaissance became simply objects of historical curiosity, completely incomprehensible to the people […]

Podcast 234 – “The World Soul”

Guest speakers: Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake PROGRAM NOTES: “I think that creativity depends on having sufficient indeterminacy around for a new pattern to arise up within it.” –Rupert Sheldrake When asked if he believed in randomness, Terence quickly said, “No,” and then he went on to say, “Randomness is the least likely […]

Podcast 232 – “Fisher, Stolaroff, and Al Hubbard”

Click HERE to see the video of this conversation. This program marks Our 5th Anniversary! Support the Stolaroff Collection Make a contribution to support the archiving of Myron Stolaroff’s resources Guest speakers: Myron Stolaroff and Gary Fisher PROGRAM NOTES: This is a conversation that took place between Myron Stolaroff, Gary Fisher, and a group of […]