Podcast 357 – “Fungi Questions”

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.] “The culture cannot evolve faster than the language. The language is the flashlight that shows the path.” “The psychedelic universe, whatever it is, is the major datum of experience. It’s larger than this planet. Nobody knows how large it is. The further in you go the […]

Podcast 354 – “Pre-End of the World Special”

Guest speakers: Michael Garfield & Matt Pallamary PROGRAM NOTES: Today we only go back in time a short way, back to December 12, 2012 when Matt Pallmary and Michael Garfield took a break during their work on the stage production of Matt’s novel, “Land Without Evil”, in Austin, Texas. In this wide ranging discussion between […]

Podcast 345 – “Transhuman Encounters”

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.] “We now know enough to fantasize realistically about what the alien would be like, and I think that this then sets up polarities in the collective psyche that previously we have only seen at the level of the individual.” “By passing into […]

Podcast 342 – “Psychedelic Family Business”

Guest speaker: Allyson & Alex Grey PROGRAM NOTES: “If it’s a psychedelic family business, then you’ve got to consider the ‘top line’ [as contrasted with ‘the bottom line’]. What’s the top line? The top line is: You have one unique life, and what do you love to do? What do you want to spend your […]

Podcast 329 – “Vision Mapping for the Golden Age”

Guest speakers: Amanda Sage and Bruce Damer Watch a video of this talk Watch a video of Bruce Damer’s brief history of the Palenque Norte lecture series PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Amanda Sage.] “Let’s turn the museums into temples. I think the new museums are going to be temples.” “I’m interested in […]

Podcast 323 – “Searching for a New Paradise Myth”

Guest speaker: Lorenzo and Friends PROGRAM NOTES: This podcast features the final community discussions at the June 2012 Esalen workshop led by Lorenzo and Bruce Damer. Among the topics discussed were: -Creating a new myth for our community -The genesis of the Occupy Movement -Are psychedelic “mutants” among us? -Cultural Creatives -Freeing our food supply […]

Podcast 319 – “The Voynich Manuscript”

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna PROGRAM NOTES: “Well, certainly the Voynich Manuscript is the ‘limit text’ of Western occultism. No one can read it. It is truly an occult book.” -Terence McKenna According to Wikipedia, the Voynich Manuscript has been described as “the world’s most mysterious manuscript”, and so far it’s secret code has never been […]

Podcast 318 – “Psilocybin and the Sands of Time”

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna PROGRAM NOTES: This is Tape Number 002 of the Paul Herbert Collection. Some of the topics covered in this talk: Repression of psychedelic drugs Element of risk in taking psychedelics The imagination Interiorization of the body/exterization of the soul Death The importance of psychedelics Bell’s Theorem [NOTE: All quotations are by […]

Podcast 313 – “In a German Salon 1983″ Part 1”

Guest speaker: Timothy Leary PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Timothy Leary.] “The way we define intelligence is the amount of information energy you can receive, that you can store and retrieve, and that you can transmit.” “It’s very intelligent to be able to live as long as you want to. It’s stupid to […]

Podcast 308 – “In Praise of Psychedelics” Part 1

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.] This is the first part of an evening lecture given by Terence McKenna in early February, 1994 on the Hawaiian island of Maui. “Our [Western] civilization touches everyone on this planet. We are involved in a species-wide crisis, and it’s a crisis […]