Podcast 519 – “Our Cyberspiritual Future” Part 5 – TimeWave

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna PROGRAM NOTES: Today we get to hear Terence McKenna’s lecture about his TimeWave hypothesis (it never became a true theory). This 1997 talk was given less than three years before Terence’s death and thus represents some of his latest thinking about this topic. He defines the TimeWave as a mathematical model […]

Podcast 517 – “Our Cyberspiritual Future” Part 3

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.] “The only path in to the supernormal that I’ve found are the psychedelics. Everywhere else I found chicanery and fraud.” “It’s fun to be a free person. It’s fun to not depend upon an institution, an ideology, an other person, a place, […]

Podcast 506 – “One Of Us”

Guest speaker: Sasha Shulgin PROGRAM NOTES: Today’s podcast features a talk given by Sasha Shulgin in 1996. In many ways this is a perfect Shulgin talk for a podcast because he didn’t use any photos or the chalkboard to assist in his presentation. This talk is also one of Sasha’s best presentations as for not […]

Podcast 501 – #PsychedelicsBecause

Guest speaker: Neşe Devenot Help Neşe complete her Psychedelic Humanities Research PROGRAM NOTES: Today’s podcast features three short talks by Neşe Devenot who is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Humanities at the University of Puget Sound, where she teaches classes on psychedelics and literature. Nese received her PhD in 2015 in comparative literature at the University […]

Podcast 497 – “The Dream We Call Reality”

Guest speaker: Bernardo Kastrup PROGRAM NOTES: Today’s podcast features a lengthy reading by Bernardo Kastrup from his new book, More Than Allegory: On Religious Myth, Truth And Belief. This reading comes from Part 3 of the book, which is a fictional account of a young scientist who participated in a research program that is investigating […]

Podcast 491 – “McKenna, Alchemy, and the World Today”

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.] “A child playing with mercury is an alchemist hard at work, no doubt about it.” “Buddhism would have gotten nowhere in America had not psychedelics created a context for Buddhist language to take root.” “Modernity has fixed our minds in the categories […]

Podcast 486 – “The Main Vein of the Peculiar”

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna PROGRAM NOTES: Today’s podcast features the final section of a Terence McKenna workshop that took place in February 1991. In addition to more stories about the machine-elves and DMT, Terence covers evolution, the imagination, virtual reality, shamanism, and falling in love. The title of today’s podcast comes from my favorite quote […]

Podcast 477 – “What is this medium called consciousness?”

Guest speaker: Hamilton Souther PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Hamilton Souther.] “In the jungle, the ayahuasca is used traditionally to heal what are known as mystical, non-ordinary, problems.” “I came to look at it and realize that what we [North Americans] were looking for wasn’t specifically an experience that would produce healing, but […]

Podcast 476 – “Origins of the Choice-Maker”

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna PROGRAM NOTES: Today we pick up on the February 1996 Terence McKenna workshop that we began with Podcast 472. When he gets to his overview of habit and novelty and then moves into a discussion of time, his poetic language provides several interesting mental footholds from which we can expand on […]

Podcast 456 – “Engineering Enlightenment”

Guest speaker: Mikey Siegel PROGRAM NOTES: “Technology is a manifestation of mind.” Mikey Siegel, Consciousness Hacker Have you ever given any thought to the proposition that perhaps human well-being, or enlightenment, may be approached through engineering? In today’s podcast, which is the 2014 Palenque Norte Lecture given by Mikey Siegel, you are going to learn […]