Podcast 397 – “Art and Other Disruptive Technologies”

Guest speakers: Joh Isaac Mitchell & Michael Goldstein PROGRAM NOTES: Today we feature two interesting talks: Art as Technology and Crypto-anarchy. The first talk is from the 2013 Palenque Norte Lectures that were held at the Burning Man Festival. And that story is followed by a concise explanation of how bitcoin technology evolved and that […]

Podcast 395 – #WaveOfAction

Guest speakers: Various PROGRAM NOTES: The Worldwide #WaveOfAction begins April 4, 2014 and runs through July 4, 2014. During this three-month cycle, people throughout the world will be protesting corruption, rallying around solutions and taking part in alternative systems. The new paradigm will be on full display. As our part in this WAVE, the salon […]

Podcast 392 – “MDMA and Autistic Adults: A New Research Study”

Guest speakers: Alicia Danforth & Charlie Grob PROGRAM NOTES: Today’s podcast features a 2013 Palenque Norte lecture given by Alicia Danforth in which she tells about her work with the autistic community and their use of MDMA. Following that is a recording of a conversation with Alicia and Dr. Charlie Grob, who have just begun […]

Podcast 375 – “Story Time with Ken Adams”

Guest speaker: Ken Adams PROGRAM NOTES: Today we get to hear another of the Palenque Norte Lectures that were held at the 2013 Burning Man Festival. This talk features the artist, experimental film maker, micro-publisher, and media developer, Ken Adams, who for many years was a close friend and neighbor of the late Terence McKenna. […]

Podcast 373 – “Thoughts About Gnosticism, Art, and Music”

Guest speaker: Terence McKennna PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.] “A single chemist can produce ten million hits [of LSD]. Well this is not some guy getting rich, this is about changing history, when you’re talking about ten million consciousness-expanding experiences.” “One of the ways of modeling the psychedelic experience is to […]

Podcast 354 – “Pre-End of the World Special”

Guest speakers: Michael Garfield & Matt Pallamary PROGRAM NOTES: Today we only go back in time a short way, back to December 12, 2012 when Matt Pallmary and Michael Garfield took a break during their work on the stage production of Matt’s novel, “Land Without Evil”, in Austin, Texas. In this wide ranging discussion between […]

Podcast 342 – “Psychedelic Family Business”

Guest speaker: Allyson & Alex Grey PROGRAM NOTES: “If it’s a psychedelic family business, then you’ve got to consider the ‘top line’ [as contrasted with ‘the bottom line’]. What’s the top line? The top line is: You have one unique life, and what do you love to do? What do you want to spend your […]

Podcast 333 – Producing “The Terence McKenna Experience”

Guest speaker: Ken Adams “I’m almost sixty years old, and I can guaranty you that I’m fucking tired of having to whisper about psychedelics.” – Ken Adams Watch a video of this talk PROGRAM NOTES: Today we feature the fifth Palenque Norte Lecture of 2012, which was given at the Burning Man Festival. This talk […]

Podcast 294 – “The Genesis of Occupy Wall Street”

Guest speakers: David Graeber & Tim Pool PROGRAM NOTES: Today’s podcast takes a look back at some of the roots of the current Occupy Movement on the eve of the first anniversary of the death of Mohamed Bouazizi, whose self-immolation marked the beginning of the Arab Spring. Today is also the eve of the third […]

Podcast 293 – “The Power of Art and the TAZ”

Guest speaker: Peter Lamborn Wilson PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: The following quotations are by Peter Lamborn Wilson.] “Why are artists still meddling, or mediating, between people and their desires?” “All livelihoods are arts, from midwifery to war, nothing is mere labor.” [In reference to gift economies.] “The artist sacrifices talent for money. The audience sacrifices money […]