Podcast 640 – #ThankYouPlantMedicine

Support Lorenzo on Patreon.com Guest speaker: Glenn Irving PROGRAM NOTES: Date this lecture was recorded: January 13, 2020. Today’s podcast features an interview with Glenn Irving who is a volunteer with the project known as #ThankYouPlantMedicine. As the project’s title tells you, this is a world-wide effort to spread the word about ways in which […]

Podcast 334 – “The Alchemy of Cacao”

Guest speaker: Brian Wallace PROGRAM NOTES: This podcast features Brian Wallace’s 2012 Palenque Norte Lecture at the Burning Man Festival. Brian, who has been a community organizer for MAPS and other organizations, is also expert on the cacao plant. Originally, Brian titled this talk “The Entheobotany of Cacao”, however, I decided to change the title […]