Salon 2.0 – “Horizons Conference Announcement”

Guest speaker: Neal Goldsmith PROGRAM NOTES: Date this lecture was recorded: October 4, 2017 Today we hear from Neal Goldsmith about the speakers at the Horizons psychedelics conference this weekend: And then our old friend Brian talks about the Saturday night event with Duncan Trussel. If you can’t make it, you can watch […]

Podcast 499 – “PSYCHEology: Psychedelics and the Soul”

Guest speaker: Neal Goldsmith PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Neal Goldsmith.] “Personality is a strategy devised by a two year old.” “Parenting is like that. You don’t want to be directing your child. You want to be more like a forest ranger than a farmer, making sure that if lightening strikes and there’s […]