Podcast 606 – “Michael Pollan Discusses Psychedelics”

Support Lorenzo on Patreon.com Guest speaker: Michael Pollan PROGRAM NOTES: Date this lecture was recorded: June 6, 2018 Today’s program features an interview with Michael Pollan by Michael Margolies from the Psychedelic Seminars project in San Francisco. Pollan is the author of seven previous books which were all New York Times bestsellers. In 2010, TIME […]

Podcast 605 – “Microdosing: Benefits, Risks, Unknowns”

Support Lorenzo on Patreon.com Guest speakers: James Fadiman and Ayelet Waldman PROGRAM NOTES: Date this interview was recorded: October 22, 2018. Today’s podcast centers around microdosing psychedelics, LSD in particular. Much of today’s interest in microdosing psychedelics blossomed after the publication of The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide, which was written by Dr. James Fadiman, who has […]