Podcast 509 – “The Pharmacratic Inquisition”

Guest speaker: Jonathan Ott PROGRAM NOTES: In today’s podcast Jonathan Ott unfolds a parade of history setting out the use and prohibition of psychedelic medicines throughout the course of human history. Although this talk was originally given at a 1996 entheobotany conference, it remains as current as if it were given yesterday. After Jonathan describes […]

Podcast 269 – “Inebriating Potions from Agave”

Guest speaker: Jonathan Ott PROGRAM NOTES: This is a talk that Jonathan Ott gave in September 2004 at the Mind States Conference in Oaxaca, Mexico. From the program for Mind States 2004: Jonathan Ott will give a talk titled “From Octli/Pulque and Xochioctli to Mezcal and Vino de Mezcal Tequila”. The ethnopharmacognosy of inebriating pre-Columbian […]

Podcast 256 – “A Drug Enhancer Called Chocolate”

Guest speaker: Jonathan Ott PROGRAM NOTES: [From Wikipedia] Jonathan Ott has written eight books, co-wrote five, and contributed to four others, and published many articles in the field of entheogens. He has collaborated with other researchers like Christian Rätsch, Jochen Gartz, and the late ethnomycologist R. Gordon Wasson. He translated Albert Hofmann‘s 1979 book LSD: My Problem Child (LSD: Mein […]

Podcast 222 – “Crimes Against Nature: The Civil War Against Drugs”

Guest speaker: Jonathan Ott PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Jonathan Ott.] “It is, of course, absurd for humankind to presume to illegalize other organisms with which we share this planet.” “A society that coddles murderers and armed robbers in order to get tough on potheads is not walking the moral high ground.” [In […]