Podcast 693 – The Braided Self

Support Lorenzo on Patreon.com Guest speaker: James Fadiman PROGRAM NOTES: James FadimanPhoto source: psychedelicpress.co.uk Today we get to listen to a long-forgotten talk by one of our most important elders, James Fadiman. This is a talk that he gave at the Transpersonal Vision Convention in 1988 and in it Jim provides us with another way […]

Podcast 605 – “Microdosing: Benefits, Risks, Unknowns”

Support Lorenzo on Patreon.com Guest speakers: James Fadiman and Ayelet Waldman PROGRAM NOTES: Date this interview was recorded: October 22, 2018. Today’s podcast centers around microdosing psychedelics, LSD in particular. Much of today’s interest in microdosing psychedelics blossomed after the publication of The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide, which was written by Dr. James Fadiman, who has […]

Podcast 302 – “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide”

Guest speaker: James Fadiman We are saddened to report that long time friend of the salon and psychedelic research pioneer extraordinaire, Gary Fisher has gone on to his next adventure. Archive of podcasts featuring Gary Fisher The Gary Fisher Page PROGRAM NOTES: “There is so much more psychedelic use in this country than any of […]

Podcast 235 – Osmond, Stolaroff, & Hubbard Discuss Psychedelics

Guest speakers: Myron Stolaroff, Humphry Osmond, & Al Hubbard PROGRAM NOTES: On October 30, 1964, Dr. Humphry Osmond, Myron Stolaroff, Willis Harman, and Al Hubbard took LSD together. The next day they discussed what was learned. This is a recording of that gathering, and it is the first of the recovered recordings from The Stolaroff […]

Podcast 042 – “Using Psychedelics for Rational Work”

Guest speaker: James Fadiman PROGRAM NOTES: From the Mind States conference in 2003, James Fadiman gives an entertaining account of his early days in psychedelic research. The Mind States program that year had this to say about Dr. Fadiman: James Fadiman, Ph.D. has been involved in both teaching and facilitating creative problem-solving with and without psychedelics […]