Podcast 384 – “Sex, Aging, and Psychedelics”

Guest speaker: Annie Oak PROGRAM NOTES: Today we feature a Palenque Norte Lecture given by Annie Oak at the 2013 Burning Man Festival. This ground breaking founder of the Woman’s Visionary Congress continues to push the envelope of psychedelic discussion into two of the most important issues of all to humans, sexuality and aging. Additionally, […]

Podcast 379 – “Divine Androgyny”

Guest speaker: Jae Starfox PROGRAM NOTES: This podcast features Jae Starfox’s 2013 Palenque Norte Lecture, which was delivered at the Burning Man Festival. In their talk, Jae provides a candid look into some of the issues that transgender people are faced with as they make their way through a sometimes less than friendly world. As […]

Podcast 334 – “The Alchemy of Cacao”

Guest speaker: Brian Wallace PROGRAM NOTES: This podcast features Brian Wallace’s 2012 Palenque Norte Lecture at the Burning Man Festival. Brian, who has been a community organizer for MAPS and other organizations, is also expert on the cacao plant. Originally, Brian titled this talk “The Entheobotany of Cacao”, however, I decided to change the title […]

Podcast 332 – “Living in the Exile Nation”

Guest speaker: Charles Shaw Watch a video of this talk PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Charles Shaw.] “Having a felony conviction, and having a drug conviction, essentially makes you a second class citizen.” “For the lower classes, the poorer classes, which generally in this country are people of color, drug laws have always […]

Podcast 329 – “Vision Mapping for the Golden Age”

Guest speakers: Amanda Sage and Bruce Damer Watch a video of this talk Watch a video of Bruce Damer’s brief history of the Palenque Norte lecture series PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Amanda Sage.] “Let’s turn the museums into temples. I think the new museums are going to be temples.” “I’m interested in […]

Podcast 327 – “Jesus, Aliens, and Ayahuasca”

Guest speaker: Jonathan Talat Phillips PROGRAM NOTES: This podcast features a talk given by Jonathan Talat Phillips in Vancouver sometime earlier this year. In it, Jonathan tells the story of how, after a devastating loss as countercultural activist, he embarked on a mystical initiation involving underground ayahuasca ceremonies, kundalini awakenings, DMT cowboys, shapeshifting extraterrestrials at […]

Podcast 321 – “A Discussion About Psychedelics”

Guest speaker: Lorenzo and Friends PROGRAM NOTES: Today’s podcast features the next installment of the workshop that Bruce Damer and Lorenzo led at the Esalen Institute in June of 2012. The majority of this program features comments by some of the workshop’s participants who bring up topics that include: -Heroic doses -Body load with psychedelics […]

Podcast 320 – “Occupy Yourself”

Guest speaker: Lorenzo and friends PROGRAM NOTES: In this follow-up session after Bruce Damer’s “Deep Dive into the Mind of McKenna”, Lorenzo leads the discussion of the participants in a workshop held at the Esalen Institute in June of 2012. Topics of the conversation include: – Consciousness, not drugs were the focus of McKenna’s work […]

Podcast 312 – “Occupy the Internet”

Guest speaker: Eben Moglen PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Eben Moglen.] “For the policy makers, in other words, an overwhelming problem is now at hand: How do we have innovation and economic growth under austerity? They do not know the answer to this question, and it is becoming so urgent that it is […]

Podcast 311 – “The Spirit of the Internet”

Guest speaker: Lorenzo PROGRAM NOTES: This podcast features a recording of a talk that I gave in March of 2001 at The Inside Edge, a Southern California association of cultural creatives. The topic was some of the themes in my book, “The Spirit of the Internet: Speculations on the Evolution of Global Consciousness”. One of […]