Podcast 679 – The Psilocybin Connection

Support Lorenzo on Patreon.com Guest speaker: Jahan Khamsehzadeh PROGRAM NOTES: Today’s podcast features a conversation with author Jahan Khamsehzadeh, whose recent book, The Psilocybin Connection, is a significant addition to our understanding of how psychedelic substances have aided humans throughout history and how they continue to do so. The book’s publisher says that it is, […]

Podcast 678 – “Tripping with Albert”

Support Lorenzo on Patreon.com Guest speakers: Patreon Saloners PROGRAM NOTES: Can you imagine knowing someone for over 20 years, even tripping with them from time-to-time, and not knowing that this person had done LSD with Albert Hofmann on multiple occasions? Now that’s humility. Had it been me, that would have most likely been one of […]

Podcast 677 – “Stalking Enlightenment”

Support Lorenzo on Patreon.com Guest speakers: Patreon Saloners PROGRAM NOTES: Today’s podcast features a recording of a live salon that began with us sharing trip stories and eventually led into a discussion of Vedic astrology as well as right speech, right action, and right thinking. Along the way, we heard a wonderful story about the […]

Podcast 676 – “Leonard Pickard’s Rose of Paracelsus Ch 5”

Support Lorenzo on Patreon.com Guest speakers: Kat Lakey, Alexa Lakey, Leonard Pickard, Gaia Harvey Jackson, and Greg Sams PROGRAM NOTES: Today’s program features the next installment of the reading of Leonard Pickard’s book, The Rose of Paracelsus. This program was produced by Kat and Alexa Lakey and includes a personal message from Leonard. The reading […]

Podcast 675 – “Psychedelic Law for the People”

Support Lorenzo on Patreon.com Guest speakers: Gary Smith, Sonia Martinez, Saumel Saks PROGRAM NOTES: Psychedelics are becoming more mainstream, but the law hasn’t caught up with the culture when it comes to accepting psychedelic lifestyles. In this podcast, we discuss ways the law is changing around psychedelics and how this affects the community, with topics […]

Podcast 674 – Cannabis Science & Business

Support Lorenzo on Patreon.com Guest speaker: Robb Flannery    PROGRAM NOTES: While going through cancer treatment, Dr. Flannery’s mom sought recommendations for safely medicating with Cannabis. Dr. Flannery’s unmatched expertise in the field and his absolute vigilance for his mom’s health created the most stringent standards – no applied chemicals, no pesticides, and no additional […]

Podcast 673 – “Ayahuasca & Tobacco Secrets – Jeremy Narby”

In this episode, we talk with Jeremy Narby, PhD about his new book Plant Teachers, which compiles traditional indigenous and contemporary scientific knowledge about ayahuasca and tobacco. In this far-reaching conversation Narby talks about the different types and uses of Ayahuasca, creating partnership between scientific and indigenous knowledge, respecting the positive and negative powers within plant […]

Podcast 672 – Psychedelic Filmmaking

PROGRAM NOTES: Date this lecture was recorded: September 30, 2021 Guest speakers:Clement Hil Goldberg and Charles Costas Today’s podcast is a conversation from the live Psychedelic Salon featuring Clement Hil Goldberg, the writer, director and animator behind the upcoming sci-fi comedy Let Me Let You Go. We talked about how mushrooms can save the world, […]

Podcast 671 – “Vaping DMT and 4-AcO-DMT

Support Lorenzo on Patreon – Guest speakers: Patreon Saloners PROGRAM NOTES: This is a recording of one of our recent Live Salons. While we sometimes have guests who bring specific levels of expertise to our salons, most of the time we seem to be able to have in-depth conversations without the “experts”. This was one […]

Podcast 670 – War on Drugs Recent Legal Updates

Support Lorenzo on Patreon.com Guest speaker: Gary Smith PROGRAM NOTES:   Today’s podcast is a recording from the Live Salon on July 12, 2021 where attorney Gary Smith joined us for another update of some of the current legal aspects of the War on Drugs. We also talked about his new book, which is an […]