648 – “Terence McKenna and Social Distancing”


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“A person who does DMT once a year is a fanatically heavy user, I would say.”

“One way of judging how toxic a drug, or a plant, is is to ask yourself the question ‘How long after I take it do I feel completely normal?’ “

“You want a surgical strike on the synapses, is what you’re going for, not splattering all kinds of junk all over the place.”

“Growing the mushroom teaches you cleanliness, punctuality, attention to detail, steadiness, all of these virtues, which are the very virtues you need to travel smoothly in that dimension [on a magic mushroom trip].”

“Here’s a career for somebody. No hallucinogenic insect has ever been found, and yet there are persistent rumors in different parts of the world of either a butterfly or a beetle that is hallucinogenic.”

“As to why [psychoactive plants] have this peculiar effect that they do in us, I think that’s because there was, anciently, and over the evolutionary life of human beings, actually a connection between us and nature. And that these drugs are the antenna, the switches that switch us back toward the Logos of the natural world.”

“This is something people don’t realize, flowering plants are as recent as mammals. If the period of life on Earth is visualized as a yardstick, the period of the flowering plants is the last inch and a half.”

“[Psychedelics] are the [corrosive] acids of anarchy.”


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