Podcast 222 – “Crimes Against Nature: The Civil War Against Drugs”


Guest speaker: Jonathan Ott

Paul Stamets, Jonathan Ott, & Terence McKenna - Palenque 1996PROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Jonathan Ott.]

“It is, of course, absurd for humankind to presume to illegalize other organisms with which we share this planet.”

“A society that coddles murderers and armed robbers in order to get tough on potheads is not walking the moral high ground.” [In reference to releasing violent criminals to make room for small-time, non-violent, simple possession offenders.]
“In short, drug prohibition is impractical, ineffective, uneconomic, anti-scientific, unhealthy, immoral, unecological, undiplomatic, and dictatorial.”

“Drug laws are the monstrous result of institutionalizing paranoia.”


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  1. This talk was extremely inspirational, and informative. I’ve been a huge fan of Jonathan since I first heard of him about 2 years ago.

    Everyone needs to hear this. People need to wake up to the hypocrisy that is standard procedure in our Government.

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